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A Day in the Life of... - The Hairy Man Without A Plan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Hairy Man Without A Plan

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A Day in the Life of... [Aug. 6th, 2006|07:43 am]
The Hairy Man Without A Plan
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[mood |excitedexcited]

Another day, another lack of a dollar!

Well, plans didn't go off the way that I thought that they would. Our storage locker re organizer fell sick to some food poisoning/intestinal disorder, so moving and sorting his possessions was out. He is on for Sunday, but I already have plans, so I can't go. I can't speak for Sue. Maybe she'll go... maybe not.

So, instead I mowed my parents yards, which got a happy dance out of my mother (quite an amusing sight to tell you the truth). The grass was getting around five or six inches, so it was slow going. But it's all done, and besides a little sunburn, all parties are happy.

Even though I'm here at Sue's almost all of my free time, I still feel obliged to help them out as often as possible. They took me into their home after my ex-wife threw me out of our house and I lost my job shortly thereafter. They didn't ask questions, didn't set practically any rules (no orgies, no destruction of the house, etc), and were there to support me emotionally and physically. My dad looks like Santa Claus with a dirty grin. Really... he works in the winter as a Santa. He owns the red suit and all of the accessories! My mom the the pleasant, giving, caring type. They're in their mid sixties, and I love them to death.

After a bath and some napping (ooooooh... napping) I hung out with Sue, played some computer games (Hearts of Iron 2) and had a quiet night.

I'm getting my daughter Lilith for some adventure today, including swimming or roller skating. Yes, a six two, 235 lb, hairy man skating with a bunch of kids. It's quite a scene let me tell you. You can all come and join us at Skateland and relive your childhood memories from the roller rink (remember when they called it a rink).