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HAPPY NEW YEAR - The Hairy Man Without A Plan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Hairy Man Without A Plan

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HAPPY NEW YEAR [Jan. 1st, 2008|10:03 pm]
The Hairy Man Without A Plan
Well hello there world! It's 2008 and the planet hasn't exploded yet, so I guess I'm (and by default... you) are here and made it through 2007. I apologize to all of the ghosts in the machine out there if you're reading this, but you made it too, in a way, in a shape, in a form.

What a year! I lost my job. I found a job. Sue and I found a house. I turned 40. My ex took my daughter away from me for 3 months. I go to court on Jan 15 (wish me luck). It's been interesting.

Jobs. The whole lost and found job thing hurt me this past year. The job market isn't that great around here and with job skills of telling bad jokes and puns and breaking into song frequently, you can see why it was hard finding work. I'm with Safelite Glass for now. I'm not particularly happy there, but it is paying most of the bills. Some times I feel like Pippin from the musical, still looking for my corner of the sky. But with some motivation and encouragement from Sue, I'm am starting to look for something better.

My big birthday surprise was Sue taking me to the Hippodrome downtown to see Avenue Q. We were like in the 3rd row orchestra. They were the best seats I've ever had there in my 40 tears on this Earth. The show was a scream. Think Muppets meets Rent with puppet sex and Gary Coleman. Yeah... that's right... definitely a rated R production. It was the best present ever!!!

The house we needed because a one bedroom apartment with the three of us (4 when Lily is here) and four cats was getting out of hand. So, there is a nice 3 bedroom, end of group house, and it's right across the street from my parents and three 1/2 blocks from my sister's house. We have until the end of January to be completely out of the apartment and in the new house. The phone numbers and emails will all stay the same, so getting in contact with us shouldn't be a problem. I will give further updates as the arrive.

The legal stuff is too sad to go into, but suffice to say that my lawyer is very, very confident that the contempt charge I filed will be settled in my favor, and this sad, sad chapter in my life will be over. On the plus side, the ex has been releasing Lily here and there now. I think she knows she's in big legal trouble now and is trying to "play" nice. I doesn't make up for the pain and suffering by a long shot, but it's good to see Lil again.

What am I looking forward to in 2008? Everything. I hope that it will be better, bigger, greater. I want me to grow (not physically, I need to shrink there!) and I want the lives of those around me to grow too. That's it. That would be enough.


[User Picture]From: suecochran
2008-01-03 03:20 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year to you too!

As for finding your place in this existence - I think that Pippin needed to realize that the sky HAS no corners.... Corners suggest (to me, at least) limits, punishment, being trapped - not good connotations. And while we don't know for certain that the "sky" (and for that I'm substituting "universe") goes on infinitely, I like to think it's a big enough place for everyone to not only find a place for his/her self, but to keep finding new places to expand into. That goes along nicely with your desire for spiritual/personal growth, for yourself and others.

I'm so glad that you were happy with your birthday present :) Thanks for the acknowledgment. I really enjoyed it thoroughly, too. It was such a fantastic find, and I'm happy that we got to take your parents and sister along with us, too.

As for 2008 - Among other things, I pray for us to be able to afford our new house, for the court date with Linda to go as well as possible so that you(we) get everything we're asking for in the petition, for you to either find a better job or to be offered a better position at your present company that you can be happy with, for my business to do so well that we can be ENTIRELY self-supporting between the business and your job, for all of us to enjoy good health in body, mind and spirit, for the kids to do well in school and in general, for us all to be at peace, and happy with ourselves and each other. Amen!

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